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R2 Crash Truck?

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R2 Crash Truck?

Postby sunsetoutpost2 » Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:02 pm

Can anyone help with information or have an idea as to the value of R2 Crash & Rescue Trucks. I just looked at one that the winch has already been removed, the body has been removed from the large side panel doors back. It was titled and driven as late as 2003, but I don't know if the motor turns over or not - sitting outside for 5 years.
http://www.g741.org/photogallery/main.p ... temId=2853
http://www.g741.org/photogallery/main.p ... temId=2856
http://www.g741.org/photogallery/main.p ... temId=2858
http://www.g741.org/photogallery/main.p ... temId=2860
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Postby Lifer » Sun Feb 24, 2008 7:48 pm

R2 crash trucks in civilian hands are rather scarce. Not nearly as many were made as were the basic M37. They remained in service longer than the M37, too. If you came across one that was complete, rust free, and in good running condition, it would be worth a mint. A complete R2 with cosmetic and mechanical problems would be worth slightly less. The one in the pics, however, has been badly butchered and is basically worthless except for parts. :(
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Postby CGarbee » Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:34 am

The crash truck was built upon the M56 long wheelbase cab and chassis configuration of the M37 by ACF-Brill Motors Company with a body by Oneida Body Corp. for the United States Air Force as a aircraft crew rescue vehicle. The official name is "Truck, Crash, Forcible Entry, Emergency Rescue." There were approximately 300 built.

As Lifer says, a nice complete one is kinda hard to find and is pricey. One that's had the rear body cut as much as the one posted in this thread
is worth much, much, less... :(

If you can get this truck for a decent price and can use it for a hauler or as a basis to make a truck that would suit your needs, great. If not, try to at least get the dataplate info and share it with us...

I have a few photos and some info about these on my website at:

I also know of three that are for sale. All three need restoration, but have uncut bodies and decent drivetrains...
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