List of Technical Manuals (TMs)

During the time when M37s were in service the numbering system for Technical Manuals went through several changes. The list below reflects all versions, so you may find the same manual with a different number, depending on the year of issue. Right now I have it sorted by Manual type, then Manual number.

Army Manuals
Type Number Description Date Ch Date Ch Date O/H Comments
LO   9-2320-212-12   Lubrication chart, M37   Aug 1964            
MWO   9-2300-20   Turn signals, installation in M37                
MWO   9-2300-263   Turn signals, alternate style, in M37                
MWO   ORD 6741-W10   Tailgate support, M37                
ORD   7387221   Southwind personnel heater, M37   Jan-55              
ORD8   G249 Vol10   Winterization equipment, M37   Jan-55              
SB   11-1321   Vehicular radio sets and authorized installations                
SC   4940-95-CL-A21   List of components, Contact Maintenance set                
SNL   G741   List of all service parts, M37,M42,M56,M201   Jan-54     Jan-57          
TB   212-20/1   Basic differences between transmissions   Jan-59             See TB 9-2320-212-20/1  
TB   228-20   Troubleshooting               see 9-2320-228-20  
TB   9-2855-5   Personnel heater kit   Jul 1953              
TB   9-2855-6   ?   Sep 1953              
TB   9-2855-45   Hot water personnel heater kit   Dec-56             see TM 9-2855-45  
TB   9-2855-7   Hardtop closure kit   Dec-52             see TB 9-2855-7  
TB   746-93-1   Marking of vehicles   Jan-64              
TB   9-1859-2   Time schedule guide   Jan-1953              
TB   9-2300-206-15   Test and rebuild of 100amp system   Nov 1958              
TB   9-2300-209-20   Rifle mounting info   Aug 1956     Feb 1967         
TB   9-2320-212-20/1   Difference between transmissions   Aug-59              
TB   9-2320-212-20/2   Replacement of 45ah batteries with 100ah batteries   Oct-62              
TB   9-2320-212-20/3   Tire pressure information                
TB   9-2320-228-20   Troubleshooting                
TB   9-2855-1080C   Carter carburetor ETW-1   Jan-52              
TB   9-4940-309-30   Shop equioment, contact repair shop   Mar 1968              
TB   9-4940-330-30   Contact and emergency repair kit, installation in M37   Mar-70              
TB   ORD 2300-20/4   Stowage location for pioneer tools and brackets   Aug 1958              
TB   ORD 444-10   Contact and emergency repair kit, installation in M37   Mar-53              
TM   9-1840A   Engine & clutch   Jun-52              
TM   9-2320-212-10   Operators manual, M37   Nov-73              
TM   9-2320-212-20   Organizational maintenance, M37   Nov-73              
TM   9-2320-212-20/2   Replacement of 45ah batteries with 100ah batteries, M37   Aug-61              
TM   9-2320-212-20P   Organizational repair parts, M37   Feb-60     Mar-72          
TM   9-2320-212-34P   Direct and general support repair parts, M37   Apr-72              
TM   9-2320-212-ESC   Equipment serviceability criteria for M37   Apr 1973              
TM   9-2520-232-35   Ordnance, field and depot transmission, NP420   Jul-59              
TM   9-2800-1   Military vehicle ID   Feb-53              
TM   9-2855-6   Power plant heater kit, M37   Sep-53              
TM   9-8030   Operator and organizational maintenance, M37,M42,M43,V41   May-55   C8   May-65          
TM   9-8031-2   DS, GS and Depot maintenence manual for Power train, body and frame and 100 amp installation for M37   May-53              
TM   9-8031-5   Power train, body and frame, M37?   May-53              
TM   9-840   M37   Dec-50              
TM   11-2300-352-14-8   Installation of MK-1412/VRC-24 in M37   Jul 1972              
TM   11-2300-352-15-1   Installation of AN/GRC-106 in M37   Apr 1966              
TM   11-2300-352-15-2   Installation of AN/VRC-12 in M37   Sep-66              
TM   11-2300-352-15-3   Installation of AN/VRC-49 in M37   Feb-67              
TM   11-2300-352-15-4   Installation of AN/VRC-47 in M37   Mar 1967              
TM   11-2300-352-15-5   Installation of AN/VRC-46,AN/VRC-53 or AN/VRC-125 in M37   May-67              
TM   55-2300-201-10/1   Air transport guide, M37 and M107 in CH-47 helicopter   Feb 1966              
TM   55-2320-212-10-2   Air transport procedures, M37 and M107 in CH-47 helicopter   Aug 1965              
TM   55-5410-205-12-1   Air transport of supplies and equipment: shelter S-144/G on M37, in C119, C-123 or C-130 aircraft   Feb 1966              

Air Force Manuals
Type Number Description Date Che Date Ch Date Ch Date Comments
TO   36-1-3   Painting and Marking of USAF Vehicles   15-Dec-58                

LO= Lubrication Order, MWO= Modification Work Order, ORD= Ordnance, SB= Service Bulletin, SC= Supply Catalog, SNL= Standard Nomenclature List, TB= Technical Bulletin, TM= Technical Manual.

Canadian Manuals

Operator's Manual
(NSN 7610-21-102-1984)
3/4 Ton 4x4 Dodge (Canadian)
Cargo Truck M37 Cdn
Command Truck M42 Cdn
Ambulance Truck M43 Cdn
wm-4257 Printed Oct 1951, Revised July 1952
Chrysler Corp. of Canada Ltd

Repair Manual
Trucks 3/4 Ton 4x4 Dodge
Cargo M37 Cdn
Command M42 Cnd
Ambulance M43 Cdn
Issued January 1954

The above manuals supersedes U.S. Army Technical Manuals:



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