Production Dates

The following pages list the M37 series production dates, serial number and quantities. Each table covers a specific serial number range, there were five distinct serial numbers used, 800xxxxx, 802xxxxx, L245-xxxx, 2661-xxxxx, 2668-0-xxxxx. In addition to this official list of serial numbers, I have one report of an M37 serial number T245-xxxxx. This vehicle also has a delivery date of 1960, when no M37s were shipped. Perhaps a B1 prototype?

These lists have some errors in them, which I will be researching.
Known errors are:
+3 in Jan '51
-20 in Oct '51
+20 in Dec '51
+20 in Jul '52
+100 in 1968

Also some vehicles have different Delivery Dates than what is in the "official" lists. Since I don't know the original source of these lists, I can't verify all errors.

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