1951 M37
Serial Number Year Model Delivery Date Category USA
Contract Number
80017896 1951 M37 12-27-1951 Cargo 8615
Cowl Number Bumper Number Frame Number NSN Branch Dataplate
2409924       Army  Aluminum   
Winch Winch Number Engine Engine Number Transmission Tire
Tire Size Gear Ratio Inspector Stamp
    6-cyl 230 cid 88950   900-16 8 Ply 5.83:1   
Responsible Agency Purchase Date Purchase Price Location Owner Owner
Date Entered Date Modified Record ID
      Columbus Georgia USA  Oliver Brown  Jan 05, 2018  Jan 05, 2018  1115 
Arctic Heater, lock hubs 
Any Additional Information
Truck purchased from Andalusia Alabama fire Department 1990, Restored and sold to last know owner in Virginia 2000. 

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