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Timing pointer on 230 flat head six engine missing

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Re: Timing pointer on 230 flat head six engine missing

Postby NAM VET » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:08 am

with the clutch disengaged, I am able to turn my engine's crank by just using the fan blade. My truck has the four belt pulley, so maybe that is why it was easy. Plus, I had all the plugs removed when I was checking some things. Then too, by looking at the fan blades, I was sure I was turning the engine in the normal rotation to be sure the timing chain was tight.

Had a really good "shoot" Sat with my IDPA club. We are supposed to shoot something called a "classifier" once year, it determines a shooter's classification in matches. Shooting my H&K VP9, I was just "on", even at the 20 yard line, leaning out from cover. Was tenth out of about 50 talented shooters, and moved up one class. Now, to work on making the next one, Expert. I have been doing IDPA for about 5 or 6 years now, and have made so many good friends in our small local club.

I talk to a lot of guys, who just don't have many or even any "good friends", and feel that they are missing out on so much comraderie. I reload my own ammo, that way I can shoot almost daily at a nearby indoor range. Practice makes (nearly) perfect. Life is good. Recently completed a two year course of Chemo, and now to wait and see what is next. All the best to all of you.....

Hal, aka NAM VET

now for picture of a nifty armored car, from when I was in Desert Storm.
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Re: Timing pointer on 230 flat head six engine missing

Postby MSeriesRebuild » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:35 am

You may as well stop being concerned about the missing pointer issue. With 100 PSI compression readings across all 6 cylinders, it is seriously time to start thinking about a complete rebuild; at which time the engine will be disassembled making replacement of the pointer (or replacement of the cover) a much less intense issue.
Charles Talbert
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